Mr. Steam iSteam Touch Control

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Mr. Steam, the Feel Good company, introduces iSteam, a highly innovative steam shower experience that marks a new era for home spas.

As easy to use as a smart phone, the beautiful graphics of the iSteam touch panel are unprecedented in shower controls. “We set out to create the best possible user experience, integrating all the benefits of steam bathing and accessories into one highly intuitive control,” says Mike Pinkus, Mr. Steam president and the lead industrial designer behind iSteam. “With swipe-touch simplicity, iSteam becomes an extension of the user, creating a near-magical transformation of your client’s shower.”

iSteam is a truly benchmark product for operating in a wet room environment. With the highest moisture-protection ratings, the 4.3-inch color liquid crystal display (LCD) delivers flawless performance.  It displays only the function the user wants, instead of a confusing keyboard of tiny buttons. iSteam offers a wide array of features — temperature, duration, aroma, chroma and music — all are hidden until needed.

Other features that make iSteam a dream to sell for bathroom designers and showrooms:

  • Appearing nearly flush with the wall, iSteam is only about 1/8” thick. Its diamond cut edge creates mirror-like finish, reflecting surrounding materials.
  • iSteam is available in black and white finishes, design-matched to the high-grade cool-to-the-touch new iSteam steamheads
  • Manufactured with the highest-quality, fused silica glass and polished cast aluminum, iSteam has attained an ingress protection rating IP-67, capable of full water immersion up to three feet.

iSteam is designed for use with Mr. Steam’s industry-leading E series home steam generators. Made in the U.S.A. from industrial-grade components, the plug-and-play design of Mr. Steam generators offers ease of installation, as well as the ability to add accessories, such as ChromaSteam light systems, AromaSteam aromatherapy and MusicTherapy speakers. Mr. Steam generators are UL listed for the highest in safety and performance standards.

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