Moen M’Dura Manual Flush Valves

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New M•Dura™ heavy-duty manual flush valves from Moen Commercial are a robust solution for even the busiest commercial restroom.  Featuring Moen’s proprietary AccuSet™ piston technology, M•Dura flush valves provide unmatched reliability, less maintenance and significant water savings.

Benefits include:

• Unique AccuSet piston works at press as low as 15 PSI
• Its stainless-steel, self-cleaning filter protects the piston against clogs and damage
• The innovative handle design prevents common leaks
• A heavy-duty, all-metal stop valve won’t break apart like plastic assemblies
• Water saving benefits and increased sustainability

The M•Dura line includes a heavy-duty bedpan washer featuring sturdy bearing washers, double O-ring seals and a unique, ergonomic handle design.  This design improves on common designs that rely on O-rings alone to both seal against leaks and facilitate arm movement, creating a more reliable option for facilities.

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