Moen introduces eCommerce Program

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North Olmsted, Ohio — For decades, consumers have come to expect an exceptional brand experience from Moen, the number one faucet brand in North America.  That meant whether visiting a retailer, builder showroom or wholesaler, shoppers could trust that they would receive an exceptional interaction across all channels.  And now, this remarkable experience has transcended into the digital channel, as Moen introduces an eCommerce program – which includes Authorized E-Tailer Agreements and a Distribution Policy.

“We realize that a significant number of homeowners are searching the internet to plan a purchase for their remodeling projects.  In fact, our studies show that nearly 40 percent of faucet consumers research online,” said Beth Allison, director of eCommerce, Moen.  “We need to make certain that the consumer experience online is as positive as it is in other channels.  Our new eCommerce Program ensures a consistent online experience – one which consumers have come to expect from Moen.”

E-Tailer Agreement and Distribution Policy
The Authorized E-Tailer Agreement supports E-Tailers who adhere to specific Moen criteria.  Those select E-Tailers meeting the requirements will enter into an agreement with Moen that authorizes them to sell the Company’s products online.  Those Authorized E-Tailers who meet expanded requirements of a Preferred E-Tailer will receive additional marketing and online support.  Moen’s distributors will not be permitted to sell Moen products to non-authorized E-Tailers.

“E-Tailers will meet rigorous standards similar to our brick and mortar partners – from a consumer-friendly shopping experience to outstanding customer service,” added Allison.  “Only those e-commerce websites authorized by Moen will be able to sell our products.”

Moen’s eCommerce program also includes an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) policy, which will set forth Moen’s policy regarding the minimum price an E-Tailer may advertise or promote on the internet for Moen products.

The Moen eCommerce Program, including the Authorized E-Tailer Agreement and Distribution Policy, will be communicated in June with enforcement beginning in August.

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