Modine B-Cabinet Atherion® System

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Modine Manufacturing Company has expanded its Atherion commercial packaged ventilation line with the introduction of the 7- to 15-ton B-cabinet. The expansion gives the full Atherion line  eight models ranging from 7- to 30-tons.

Designed to meet ASHRAE 189.1 and 62.1 standards for IEER efficiency and indoor air quality, the Atherion features optional high-efficiency gas heating and best-in-class MERV16 air filtration. Its advanced Energy Recovery Module (ERM) option makes the Atherion a high efficiency, 100 percent dedicated outside air unit, offering building owners substantial annual energy savings.

With an airflow range of 1,111 to 6,000 cfm, Modine’s B-Cabinet line  includes 7-, 10-, 13- and 15-ton sizes (the C-cabinet line-up includes 15-, 20-, 26- and 30-ton sizes). 

The new, B-cabinet models offer single (7-ton only) and  tandem set modulating digital scroll compressors and a gas heat range of 150 to 400 MBH at 80% efficiency, or, 175, 225 or 310 MBH furnace options producing heat at 94% efficiency. Condenser fans include standard VFD motors with the availability of a premium option offering composite sickle fans with modulating EC motors. An integral ERM is also available on all models and will ship as one unit, fitting on a single curb.
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