Mini Aqua Mini-Split Condensate Pumps

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SONY DSCRectorSeal® Corp., Houston,  the exclusive U.S. distributor for Aspen Pumps, introduces the installation time-saving ‘Plug-and-Play’ feature for Aspen’s Mini Aqua® and Silent+ Mini Aqua®, the world’s slimmest condensate pumps for ductless mini-split air conditioners. Plug-and-Play enables quick pump installation or replacement, because power and communication cables are connected via easily attachable/detachable slide-together pre-wired plugs. The Mini-Aqua Series’ IEC Class ii appliance classification eliminates the need of a ground wire and makes the Plug-and-Play a quick connection or release. The Mini Aqua and the Silent+ Mini Aqua are designed to quietly and efficiently remove condensate from the evaporator drain pan on ductless mini split and other air conditioning applications. Their 1.1 (h) x 6.4 (l) x 1.1-inch (d) (28 x 165 x 28-mm) ultra slim design allows for aesthetic, flexible concealment inside mini-split evaporator housings or within wall-mounted lineset protection duct.

The Silent+ is one of the industry’s quietest pumps with a 19.5-decibel rating and a design featuring an anti-vibration bracket, an acoustic dampener and a proprietary sound-attenuating high performance motor.

• Mini Aqua is available with a uni-volt 100 to 250-V AC power supply. Silent+ Mini Aqua is available in a 120 or 230-V AC supply.

• Fits all brands and models of mini-split air conditioners.

• In new installations, wiring can now be routed without cumbersomely holding the connected pump in place. In replacements, wiring only requires plugging the new pump into the existing Plug-and-Play apparatus, thus saving 75-percent labor.

• Both pumps have 3.1-gallon/hr (12-liter/hr.) flow; 33-feet (10-meter) recommended head; and 328-feet (100-meter) horizontal flow.

• Available through all major HVAC wholesale distributors.

• High level safety switch with 3A volt-free wires and normally closed contacts.

• Hall effect semi-conductor level sensors.

Aspen also manufactures the Lime Series and Orange Series mini split condensate pumps for concealing pumps inside wall-mounted lineset protection duct elbows and remotely behind walls or in ceiling spaces, respectively. Aspen’s White Series is an aesthetic matching surface mount for exterior of the evaporator case.

For additional information on all of RectorSeal’s Aspen Pump products and its comprehensive range of mini-split installation accessories, visit

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