Milwaukee Tool Introduces Industry 1st for Universal Dust Extraction, Expands Tool Offering.

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Milwaukee Tool expands its M12™ LITHIUM-ION line with the introduction of the industry’s only universal dust extractor. Compatible with major power tool brands of SDS Plus Rotary Hammers and AC/DC Hammer Drills, the M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor utilizes a replaceable certified HEPA filter for high quality debris filtration, and is powered by the M12™ RED LITHIUM battery pack for maximum portability.  

“You are seeing an increased focus on dust extraction, especially with respect to decreasing a worker’s potential exposure to silica dust.  While many contractors have required the use of dust extraction in sensitive environments such as hospitals and food processing plants to prevent contamination, you are now seeing the requirement spread to open air environments as well,” said Rick Gambaccini, Group Product Manager, Milwaukee Tool. “We continue to innovate in the concrete drilling space to provide better solutions for our core users based on what they need to accomplish every day.”

To achieve compatibility with as many tools as possible, the new HAMMERVAC™ comes with three sizes of side handle collars that the user can adjust to fit the tool securely.  For further versatility on the jobsite, the tool also features a 3-Position switch. In addition to “on” and “off”, the user can switch the tool to “auto-on” to turn the HammerVAC™ on and off automatically when drilling.

Per strict HEPA standards, the certified HEPA filter will remove 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 µm. However, unique to the Milwaukee unit, the M12™ HAMMERVAC™ features a replaceable filter so that the user can replace the filter independently of the dust box to cost-effectively maintain suction efficiency.

The M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor is compatible with the entire M12™ System, now offering over 50 cordless Lithium-Ion products. The M12™ platform is the largest sub-compact system in the industry, offering innovative solutions in power, productivity and portability.

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