Milwaukee Tool Expands the Packout™ System Once Again with Cart and Work Top

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Milwaukee continues to rapidly expand their immensely popular PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System with two new additions – a PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart, and a PACKOUT™ Customizable Work Top. These new additions bring more versatility to the PACKOUT™ System, keeping users organized on the jobsite, in transit, and within their shops.

PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart

To easily transfer tools and equipment on and off the jobsite, the PACKOUT™ Cart has integrated PACKOUT™ mounts on the base and frame to securely stack or hang PACKOUT™ solutions. Capable of carrying anything from water heaters to a plethora of jobsite materials, the cart has a 400lbs weight capacity and two 10” industrial, flat-free wheels. Additionally, with its compact width this cart easily fits through doorways during transportation of these materials.

PACKOUT™ Customizable Work Top

Constructed with a 50lb weight capacity, impact resistant polymers, and ½” marine grade wood top, the work top provides users with a durable work surface to complete assembly, writing, and other tasks. The fastener-ready design makes it easy to attach vises, chargers, and a variety of other items to the top of a PACKOUT™ stack.

With the addition of the new PACKOUT™ solutions, the Milwaukee® PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System now has over 24 different solutions for users to choose from to build out their custom storage solution – making PACKOUT™ the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry.

*The PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System is the most versatile and durable modular storage system in the industry. An intuitive and quick attachment mechanism gives users the freedom to stack and lock PACKOUT™ tool boxes, organizers, totes, and bags of different sizes innumerous configurations that best suit their needs. For more information visit

PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System

Rolling Storage
PACKOUT™ Rolling Tool Box 48-22-8426
PACKOUT™ Dolly 48-22-8410
PACKOUT™ 2-Wheel Cart 48-22-8415 NEW!

Tool Boxes
PACKOUT™ Large Tool Box 48-22-8425
PACKOUT™ Tool Box 48-22-8424
PACKOUT™ Tool Case w/ Customizable Foam Insert 48-22-8450
PACKOUT™ Crate 48-22-8440
PACKOUT™ Compact Tool Box 48-22-8422

PACKOUT™ Organizer 48-22-8430
PACKOUT™ Compact Organizer 48-22-8435
PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Organizer 48-22-8431
PACKOUT™ Low-Profile Compact Organizer 48-22-8436

Storage Totes & Bags
PACKOUT™ 20” Tote 48-22-8320
PACKOUT™ 15” Tote 48-22-8315
PACKOUT™ 10” Tote 48-22-8310
PACKOUT™ 15” Tool Bag 48-22-8321
PACKOUT™ 20” Tool Bag 48-22-8322
PACKOUT™ Tech Bag 48-22-8300
PACKOUT™ Backpack 48-22-8301

PACKOUT™ Cooler 48-22-8302
PACKOUT™ 16QT Compact Cooler 48-22-8460

Foam Inserts
Customizable Foam Insert (Fits 8424, 8425, 8450) 48-22-8451

Mounting Plates
PACKOUT™ Mounting Plate 48-22-8485

PACKOUT™ Customizable Work Top 48-22-8488 NEW!

Power Tools
M18™ PACKOUT™ Radio 2950-20
M18 FUEL™ PACKOUT™ 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum 0970-20 NEW!
M18™ PACKOUT™ Light/Charger 2357-20 NEW!

For more information on the full line of Milwaukee® products, please call 1-800-SAWDUST or visit

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