Milwaukee M18 Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key

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Milwaukee Tool, in partnership with Columbus McKinnon, introduces the new M18™ Compact 1-Ton Chain Hoist w/ One-Key™, a battery-powered chain hoist that provides the ability to lift one metric ton (2,204 lbs) at 20’ lift height.

With a 60’ range of remote control, paired with an integrated variable speed lift and lower button, users are delivered more precision while installing materials. Allowing up to a quarter inch of chain movement and the ability to stand clear of the load, this battery-powered chain hoist minimizes downtime in application, driving productivity throughout the day.

Featuring an inverted design, users are provided easy access to the battery compartment for quick and convenient changes. Paired with an integrated Battery Light Indicator on the remote that notifies users when their 12.0 Battery is at 25% remaining charge, allowing operators to lower the load, and swap out the battery, eliminating the frustrations of swapping packs in mid-air. With ONE-KEY™ platform integration, users are provided access to interval tracking and record storage through the ONE-KEY™ App or Desktop.