Midea Residential Air Conditioning Introduces Industry-Leading EVOX Multi-Zone System in the U.S.

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Midea EVOX Offers a Ducted and Ductless Compatible Multi-Zone System, Paired with a High SEER Inverter Heat Pump, Designed to Meet Evolving Energy Standards and be Accessible for More American Families

Midea, the world’s largest producer of major appliances, has launched the new Midea EVOX Multi-Zone System in the U.S., equipping HVAC service providers with flexible and affordable product and system combinations that can seamlessly mix and match ducted and ductless configurations across multiple applications with up to five zones per heat pump. The EVOX multi-zone heat pump system is ideal for new home installations or replacing older central systems in any weather climate with affordable, highly efficient inverter technology.

With all new central systems requiring the U.S. needing to meet new energy standards coming in 2023, inverter heat pumps with high SEER ratings are in demand. Multi-zone systems are proven energy savers by the Department of Energy, and Midea EVOX is leading the pack with an affordable and user-friendly system – both ducted and ductless – accessible to more Americans so they can help reduce their carbon footprint and future energy bills.


The Department of Energy (DOE) recently emphasized that most heat pump products today have a significantly diminished capacity and efficiency in colder climates and initiated the Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge, which Midea joined as a manufacturing partner. The challenge encourages the industry to develop the next generation of cold climate heat pump technologies. Today, Midea is proud to already be producing some of the most energy efficient and high performing inverter technology cold climate heat pumps on the market that are capable of 100 percent heating output at -4 degree Fahrenheit.

“Midea America is committed to making quality, innovative, highly efficient inverter technology more affordable for all American households so they can take advantage of rewarding rebates and long-term cost savings on their energy bills, along with a total comfort experience,” said David Rames, Senior Product Manager, Midea America. “We’ve worked with U.S. contractors to make sure the Midea EVOX Multi-Zone System is one of the most compatible inverter technology products in the industry today, and despite having some of the highest energy ratings, is very competitively priced – making it easier for suppliers and contractors to stock, sell and install a superior HVAC option.”


The Midea EVOX Multi-Zone System is one of the most compatible systems on the market today and can mix and match with existing central ducted equipment (even non-communicating) as well as gas furnaces, can adapt to most installation conditions, and with a full lineup of ducted and ductless compatible split units, offer suppliers and installers with the options they need to meet a wide variety of customer expectations. Incorporating the EVOX AHU (up to three tons) into the multi-zone system makes the system applicable to wider scenarios and conditions, allowing homeowners to keep their familiar ducted system. With Midea’s full lineup of ductless split units with capacity to control up to five zones, homeowners can add units to cover areas that are hard to heat or cool, less frequently occupied or part of an addition. For example, those looking to add zones for additional climate control in rooms such as additions, garages or basements can now easily integrate products within the EVOX system to their current setup, while achieving optimal air flow with full control and ease.

Thanks to their compatibility, all Midea EVOX products, including air handlers and ducted and ductless splits, can be used in single or multizone applications, reducing warehouse complexity supply challenges when customers change their minds and flexible sales plans to maximize revenue potential. Available in 1.5, 2, 3, 4 and 5-ton models, EVOX features universal product connections and is available up to 24 SEER and 11.5 HSPF – yet the system is still priced competitively.

“An added benefit and selling point for EVOX is the U.S. Government’s push for advanced, green-sourced systems which is encouraging consumers to install highly efficient heat pumps with very attractive consumer rebates and incentives – which many of our products are eligible for,” added Rames.

Midea’s industry-first BI-COM technology enables the EVOX Inverter Heat Pump System to work with the EVOX communicating wall control, existing 24V thermostats or smart/learning controls such as Nest and Ecobee, among many others. As a result, consumers can get the benefit of inverter technology without having to change their existing indoor unit. And for multi-zone coverage with the addition of a Midea EVOX AHU or multiple split units, each split unit offers its own controller that can also serve as a thermostat. The entire system can also be synchronized to the Midea Air App for simple wireless control. Today, with its large capacity heat pump system, Midea is one of the only manufacturers that can put two air handling units on one heat pump or install up to a 36K BTU air handler in a residential multi-zone application. 


Because Midea worked closely with U.S.-based contractors throughout the product development process, not only is the product flexible, but unique design features like Synchro-Connect Technology make it easier to work with, helping to streamline installation time and removing potentially costly extra work due to improper wiring or refrigerant line installation. During the installation of multi-zone systems, installers need to connect wiring and piping between different indoor units and multi-zone condensers. Thus, it is important to ensure both refrigerant lines and the wires are connected to the right ports and terminals. This technology enables the EVOX Multi-Zone heat pump to self-diagnose its connection status, meaning installers of Midea can focus on correctly connecting the refrigerant lines or the Wires, and the other will automatically match with the activation of Synchro Connect technology.


Midea is considered the #1 air treatment brand in the world, with an annual air conditioner production capacity exceeding 67 million units. Because Midea owns most of its production chain, including the vital inverter technology compressors, the company is intent on keeping this technology affordable, achieving lead times of 45 days for the initial order and have the products delivered to our distributor partners in around 90 days, including shipping time. For a regular order, the lead time can be achieved in 30 days, and for key components, the lead time is around 30 days to distribution. With a high-mass manufacturing capacity and comparatively short lead times, Midea is an ideal solution for HVAC service providers when looking to ease the impact of current shipping and supply challenges facing the industry today.


The Midea EVOX cold climate heat pump delivers premium heating, cooling and humidity control, all from an environmentally natural source. The heat pump is an air source system that harvests the free, natural energy found in outside air and then supplies the home with efficient and renewable heating and cooling. By eliminating the need for homeowners to rely on fossil fuels for climate control, they must no longer choose between incredible heating performance and energy savings. For example, The EVOX M-POWEVI is designed specifically for areas that experience extreme cold, can deliver 100 percent or more heating output down to -4°F and is capable of superior heating performance down to -13°F outdoor temperatures.

Many of Midea’s EVOX Heat Pumps are Energy Star compliant and hold a top spot for energy ratings within the industry, with a high coefficient of performance (COP), heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) and seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). For colder months or optimizing operational cost, EVOX systems can also be paired with existing gas furnaces to provide a reliable source of heat under the most extreme climates.


Midea EVOX AHUs feature high compatibility and can be paired with most manufacturers’ heat pumps, along with existing thermostats, ductwork and refrigerant lines. By delivering the right amount of CFM, the EVOX AHU can effectively reduce energy waste due to excess airflow. Computational Constant Airflow (Constant CFM Blower) enables airflow to automatically adapt to the existing ductwork designs and issues caused by blocked coils, dirty filters and improper duct sizing by adjusting output power and fan speeds. Easy to maintain, EVOX AHUs offer four-way multi-poise installation options, a removeable slide-out blower, intelligent diagnostics and easy access to the adaptive control system for easy maintenance and repair. EVOX AHUs also use industry standard sized air filters that can be conveniently purchased at your local big box stores or online.

Available in sizes from 1.5-5 tons, EVOX AHUs feature computational constant air flow up to 0.8 in. wc, stand pressure up to 1.0 in. wc, a corrosion resistant aluminum evaporator coil and can be equipped with optional auxiliary heat kit up to 25 kW. The unit’s dimensions were designed specifically with U.S. contractor feedback, easing installation by fitting inside the existing footprint of most competitor units.


Midea offers a wide array of products including the Slim Duct, All Easy Pro High Wall, Floor Console and Compact Ceiling Cassette. Midea EVOX components are ideal to meet the needs of current rooms, special space requirements, areas with no ductwork and spaces in the house where the existing system cannot handle changes in the heating or cooling load. Thanks to Omni-Mix engineering, almost all Midea single-zone indoor units can flexibly mix and match with Midea multi-zone outdoor units, providing suppliers and installers with more options without having to stock single and multi-zone varieties of the same Splits.

For more information about Midea EVOX Multi-Zone Systems, visit www.mideaevox.com. If you are interested in learning more about the products, please contact our product representative Sam Ye at sam@midea.com. For technical and application inquiries, please contact Stephane Bessette at stephane.bessette@midea.com. If you are interested in purchasing a system or product, please contact one of our sales representatives, Denis Liu denis_liu@midea.com, or Stephan Tong stephan.tong@midea.com.

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