Midea America Collaborates with Warner Bros-Discovery on Mini-Documentary “Project Homestead” to Enhance the Lives of Alaskan Residents in Need

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The Mini-Doc Showcases Midea’s Cold-Climate Heat Pump System and the Transformation of a Residential Facility in Alaska

Midea America, in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery, is proud to present “Project Homestead,” an inspirational mini-documentary showcasing the transformative renovation of Willow Ranch. Willow Ranch is a residential facility near Willow, Alaska operated by Hope Community Resources, the foremost provider of support services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, mental health challenges and complex medical conditions in Alaska. Project Homestead highlights the installation of various Midea home appliances and its innovative, energy-efficient, cold-climate heat pump system, which will provide a warm haven for a deserving household for years to come.

An Inside Look into Project Homestead

In this heartwarming film, viewers will witness the transformation of a house on the Willow Ranch property, home to four residents supported by Hope Community Resources. The collaborative efforts of Midea, Warner Bros. Discovery, Hope Community Resources, local contractors and volunteers provided a life-changing, all-expense-paid home renovation. Willow, Alaska, with its extreme climate, serves as the perfect backdrop for this project, underlining the importance of warm, energy-efficient living environments. Midea was thrilled to be involved in this project to showcase its desire to make energy-efficient heat pump technology more accessible across all communities.

Hosted by Jeff Thorman, seasoned general contractor and the face of Home RenoVision DIY, the film explores how home renovation can positively impact the lives of people in need.

“I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional performance of Midea’s cold-climate heat pump system, especially in the challenging harsh winter conditions of Alaska,” expressed Jeff Thorman. “Having been in the home renovation industry for 25 years, I have a deep appreciation for innovative technologies that not only provide essential comforts but do so in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Midea’s system is a testament to what modern engineering can achieve – delivering reliable heating even in extreme cold, which is a game-changer for regions like Alaska.”

Midea’s Heat Pump System

Midea’s cold-climate heat pump system can deliver efficient heating and cooling in all American climates, even northern regions during harsh winters. While heat pumps historically have a reputation for underperforming in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, in recent lab testing sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of its Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge, Midea’s cold-climate heat pump system achieved 118% of rated capacity heating output at -15 degrees Fahrenheit – debunking the myth that heat pumps only work in mild climates and proving that heat pumps are the HVAC systems of the future, everywhere. This also comes at a time of extreme demand for cost-effective and energy-efficient options, with the supply and transportation costs of fossil fuel in Alaska continuing to rise.

“Midea is at the forefront of heat pump innovation, designing contractor and user-friendly systems that are making this modern technology accessible for all,” said David Rames, Senior Product Manager, Midea America Corp. “Our commitment to innovation and diverse solutions reflects our dedication to making a positive impact on everyone who needs high performing, highly efficient comfort solutions. The efficacy of our heat pump system in Alaska – especially for residents in need – is the ultimate proof and something in which we take immense pride.”

Production units of Midea’s forthcoming cold-climate heat pump system are slated to be available in the summer of 2024.

Additional Midea Appliances

Beyond the Midea cold-climate heat pump system, the renovation also featured the installation of other Midea home products and technologies intended to enhance the comfort and well-being of the residents: a refrigerator, air fryer and oven. Midea’s SmartHome application and technology will also allow Hope Community Resources to control and monitor operation remotely and provide useful information regarding usage, condition and energy consumption.

For more information, please visit midea.com/us.

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