Webinar to Show Small Diameter Tubes Used in Large Size Heat Exchangers

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New York — The International Copper Association (ICA) is proud to sponsor a new webinar on smaller-diameter, inner-grooved copper tubes titled “MicroGroove Copper-Tube Coils: Moving beyond Residential Applications.” The webinar will be presented at 1 pm ET on June 11, 2013.

Registration is free-of-charge and is now open via www.microgroove.net/webinars.  The focus on commercial applications has been made possible by ICA teaming up with Super Radiator Coils of Richmond, Virginia, a firm that specializes in heat exchangers for commercial and industrial equipment.  Super Radiator Coils developed its 5-mm diameter copper tube product using its industry leading wind tunnel test lab, and the company offers a wide array of capabilities in MicroGroove coils including design software that will be demonstrated in the webinar.

“Manufacturers of commercial and industrial equipment have been surprised by how much MicroGroove coils can improve their designs,” says Matt Holland, “It is not just for residential applications. We are applying 5-mm diameter coil designs to help customers meet the challenges of efficiency, cost, space and weight in their equipment.”

This new webinar will feature a live demonstration of the coil design software and how traditional designs can be converted easily to MicroGroove designs.  John Hipchen of the Exel Consulting Group will briefly review the basics of MicroGroove Technology and then Matt Holland, Vice President of Operations at the Richmond Division of Super Radiator Coils, will elaborate on his experience in adopting MicroGroove for use in large-sized heat-exchangers.

Previous webinars focused primarily on residential applications. MicroGroove technology initially was developed by some of the largest OEMs in the world for residential AC. Its success in residential AC spurred the development of MicroGroove for the large coils used in commercial and industrial AC and refrigeration systems.

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