Merry Christmas to All!

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Christmas is always a wonderful time of year for many. The joy and cheer brought by many to family and friend celebrations is practically contagious. I know I put a smile on every time The Lovely Heather and I open another card out of the mail full of family pictures, sometimes a letter or poem. The kids look forward to the gifts, of course, but they also know the true meaning of our celebrations, and for our family that’ll remain steadfast. John’s young twins embody the spirit of the season, from excitement in their voices for the anticipation of the year’s first snowfall to family holiday parties to an impending visit from a jolly man in a red suit.

2012 has given us all a run for our money, so to speak. The economy hasn’t been improving at the pace we’ve been hoping for but we all keep moving on. Major news events — one particularly horrible event of late — has us all on edge as to where we’re going in this great nation. Let me say that again, “This great Nation.” I still believe it and I hope you do, too. Oh, there was that little glitch unearthed from an ancient civilization predicting what may have been our total demise? [If you follow me on Facebook, you know firsthand how I feel about this one. Two words, comedy gold.] Nonetheless, the next two days we will surround ourselves with loved ones, young and old, to celebrate [whatever it is you celebrate] and we’ll do it in the name of family, friends, hope and fun.

John and I would like to wish you and yours a very special merry Christmas. We thank you for supporting us through the website. We are truly blessed. The conversations, the guest blog entries and emails we receive daily are the driving force to muscle on. We will try our best to move this great industry forward. Without a doubt, the plumbing and heating industry is full of some of the smartest people we know! Our goal is to bring together the ideas and conversations that will better us all as a whole. It’s you that is helping make that a reality.

Thank you,

Eric Aune & John Mesenbrink

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