McElroy Polypropylene Socket Fusion Kit

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McElroy, the leader in thermoplastic fusion tools, recently introduce a new socket fusion kit for use with popular polypropylene-random (PP-R) pipe and fitting sizes. The kit offers an easy ordering option for those working with 20 through 63mm diameter pipe and fittings.

The McElroy Polypropylene Socket Fusion Kit includes a 16 to 63mm socket heater, 20 to 63mm socket heater adapters, storage box, socket adapter tray, heater sling, heater bench mount, heater support frame weld, socket fusion specification chart, depth gauge tool and 1/4-inch Allen driver.

“Contractors don't want to individually specify all the heater adapters and tools they might need on the job,” said Chip McElroy, president of McElroy. “With this socket fusion kit, the customer gets a great set of tools for the most popular pipe and fitting sizes. The storage box is designed to hold all of the adapters and tools in a very organized manner.”

McElroy's Socket Tooling equipment meets ISO 15874, DIN 16962 and DIN 8077 pipes and fittings specifications. McElroy's Socket Fusion Heater included in the kit provides microprocessor controls to precisely set and monitor heater temperature in all field conditions. The heater is also fully field serviceable, including the electronics. A long 20-foot power cord minimizes the amount of electrical connections that are needed to operate the equipment.

The socket adapters that are included within the kit features durable Teflon-coated surfaces, with the pipe diameter size and part number etched into the flat, non-coated back.

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