Mainstream Engineering Announces QwikSEER+WattSaver™ Demonstrate Energy Savings

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Rockledge, Fla. — Mainstream Engineering announced today that independent test results of its QwikProducts™ QwikSEER+WattSaver™ show Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) improvements ranging from 7.40% to 12.89%.

QwikSEER+™ is a simple enhancement to existing air conditioning and heat pump systems with Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors. Most air conditioning systems are installed with the PSC blower fan motors set to run at a single speed, even though the motor is capable of running multiple speeds.  The easily installed QwikSEER+WattSaver™ control board monitors evaporator coil temperature and humidity levels; the QwikSEER+ then automatically selects the optimal blower speed based on those conditions.

Utilizing ANSI/ASHRAE 37 standards for rating air-conditioning and heat pump equipment, independent test results established that QwikSEER+WattSaver™ increased EER ratios by 0.73 to 1.54 points. The tests confirmed a reduction in power consumption ranging from 10.87% to 12.45%.

QwikSEER+ also demonstrated increased humidity removal rates of 51.78% to 156.76%.  This increased moisture removal can significantly improve indoor comfort while also inhibiting the formation of mold, thus improving Indoor Air Quality.

“We are very pleased to get these positive test results,” stated Dr. Robert Scaringe, President of Mainstream Engineering. “These reports confirm that the QwikSEER+ optimizes evaporator airflow to deliver significant energy savings and increase indoor comfort.”

The test results can be found at

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