Learn more about BIM from MCAA’S National Education Initiative

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MCAA’S National Education Initiative (NEI) is answering your call for an educational offering that teaches you about Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how to incorporate it into your business without traveling to take a course.  New NEI BIM courses provide a comprehensive overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM), including how the industry is using BIM, potential obstacles to avoid and how mechanical and plumbing contractors can use this process to plan and execute their projects more efficiently, effectively and profitably. The Kick Starting BIM Because You Must course is for smaller to mid-sized contractors. Getting the Most from BIM Project Execution Plans is for more experienced BIM users who wish to become more proficient with the process or who are having difficulties. Implementing and Managing the BIM Process Within Your Organization is for seasoned BIM users who wish to fully integrate BIM into their companies’ project management processes. To schedule a course near your office, contact Pete Mackenzie (pmackenzie@mcaa.org), lead instructor for the BIM Courses. Course descriptions and scheduling information can be found at www.mcaa.org/nei/bim.

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