KNIPEX Tools Ear Clamp Pliers

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Knipex_10 99 220_036.tifKNIPEX Tools LP’s new series of Ear Clamp Pliers is designed for simple and reliable clamping of 1-ear and 2-ear clamps.

Available in front jaw and dual front and side jaw options, the pliers are designed to not damage the press points on the ear clamps of a workpiece. The Ear Clamp Pliers are ideal for work on CV boots, coolant and fuel lines, air pressure systems and compressors.

The pliers come in two options: single and double jaw. Both models are 8 ¾ inches long, weigh only one pound and are forged and oil-hardened out of German, chrome vanadium steel for durability and long life. The dual-jaw Ear Clamp Pliers option has an additional side jaw for easy clamping at a 90-degree angle when space is limited.

“In many industries, such as automotive, food and beverage and maintenance, professionals often need maximum power and precision in some of the most delicate spaces,” said Todd Shumate, executive vice president, KNIPEX Tools. “The Ear Clamp Pliers are designed to deliver easy accessibility and control, no matter how difficult it may be to reach the clamp’s press points.”


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