KNIPEX Retaining Ring Pliers

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Retaining Ring Pliers from KNIPEX Tools LP are available in several variations for use on a wide range of retaining ring sizes and styles. Designed with high-quality materials, the broad offering of KNIPEX Retaining Ring Pliers fits internal and external circlips for a variety of applications.

        The Precision Retaining Ring Pliers product lines from KNIPEX are designed for continuous, heavy-duty operation, day after day. They are uniquely designed with high-density spring steel tips inserted into the forged body to provide exceptional strength and longevity. The large contact surface around the tips helps hold the retaining rings in place, virtually eliminating ring twisting and flyoffs. The precision line lasts up to 10 times longer than turned-tip or stamped-tip designs. Additionally, the bolted joints make these pliers precise with no backlash. They are available in internal and external styles; straight or 90-degree angles; and in all popular sizes. 

        KNIPEX also has a fully forged retaining ring pliers line that is forged of chrome vanadium steel and oil-hardened for long service life. Available in straight, 90-degree and 45-degree angled-tip patterns, plastic-coated handles and non-slip tips make them easy to handle for applications with shafts from 5/16-inch to 5-33/64-inches in diameter.

        In addition to these two product lines, KNIPEX offers two other specialty retaining ring pliers series; one for large retaining rings and one for horseshoe-shaped spring retaining rings and circlips without grip holes. The large retaining ring pliers work for applications requiring 4-51/64-inch to 15-3/4-inch diameters in both external and internal styles. The pliers are designed with a locking device that may be released without completing the cycle. These pliers are available in 90-degree-angle and straight-tip models. The special retaining ring pliers, designed specifically for fitting horseshoe-shaped spring retaining rings and circlips without grip-holes, feature an opening spring and are made from chrome vanadium electric steel that is forged and oil-hardened.

        KNIPEX has a wide range of retaining range pliers available for most applications.


About KNIPEX Tools

KNIPEX Tools LP is the North American sales and marketing organization of KNIPEX‐Werk and is located in Arlington Heights, Ill. KNIPEX‐Werk, Wuppertal, Germany, is the largest manufacturer of professional quality pliers in the world, producing up to 65,000 pliers per day, or up to 325,000 pliers each week. The company concentrates its efforts on being the best pliers manufacturer in terms of quality, innovation and efficiency and its pliers satisfy the highest expectations in terms of performance, ergonomics and service life.

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