KNIPEX 10-inch Cobra QuickSet Pliers

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CobraQuickSetImage2The new 10-inch Cobra® QuickSet pliers, an addition to KNIPEX Tools’ flagship line of Cobra® Water Pump Pliers, features a new slide and lock system that makes repetitive tasks easier and more convenient than ever before. The new Cobra QuickSet is unique in that once its push-button mechanism locks onto an application, it stays locked in that position for repetitive use. This feature sets the new Cobra QuickSet apart from many similar products on the market that allow users to slide the tool’s jaws into position, but the jaws do not lock into place.

The tool’s speed comes from its easy-to-use sliding handle method. Simply open the jaws, set the top jaw on the work object and slide the lower jaw up to the object and squeeze the handle for a precise fit. The tool locks in that opening position until the user resets the position when needed. Its self-locking grip allows for no slipping off the workpiece or knuckle-busting. The Cobra QuickSet is constructed from high-alloy German chrome vanadium steel, with a stable box-joint design and a pinch guard to protect hands and fingers.

The Cobra QuickSet is available in standard non-slip, textured handles or with new and improved, non-slip, dual-material comfort grip handle with a sleek design meant to easily fit in any pouch, pocket or tool box. Its 2-inch gripping capacity makes it the perfect tool for most heavy duty projects, along with the thin head for hard-to-reach places. The hex-shaped gripping surface designed with special hardened teeth (61 HRC) can fit around any round, square, hex or flat object. Pairing the best features of the Cobra® traditional, push-button pump pliers with the new modern slide-adjusting feature, the QuickSet’s speed and precision make it an essential tool in any professional tradesman’s arsenal.

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