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Bradley introduces two new and improved models to its Keltech™ Tankless Tempering Systems. The new CNA and SNA Series electric tankless water heaters feature lower pressure drops than the original CN and SN Series, providing a greater level of product performance and reliability.
Keltech Tankless Water Heaters are specially designed to draw energy only when needed, and are highly efficient and precise in supplying tepid water within seconds – even in the most extreme and challenging work environments.

Features of upgraded CNA and SNA models
The newly enhanced CNA and SNA models feature larger 1-1/4″ passageways, along with Keltech’s proprietary flow sensor, which significantly reduce pressure drops up to 69 percent. In addition, new O-ring seals improve seal pressure and reliability against water hammer or pressure spikes. Other plumbing and electrical advancements have improved installation and service of the new models.
The SNA Series deliver on-demand ANSI-required tepid water to emergency safety showers with or without eye/face washes. The unit is armed with TepidGuard™, a patented overshoot purge protection system that ensures compliance to ANSI Z358.1, even in stand-by mode. Combined with a Bradley safety fixture including an anti-scald valve option, these technologies ensure that even the hottest environments will not drive water temperatures above ANSI standards.
Adding to its reputation for quickness and efficiency, these new models have faster lead times, and installation of these units continues to be very easy since only one electrical connection and a cold water line are needed, saving labor time and additional costs.  In addition, utility costs are minimized because there is no need to keep a large tank of water heated at all times.
​“Bradley’s goals for redesigning these models were to further reduce the pressure drop, standardize on components and reduce external dimensional variances,” says Jason Renner, Senior Product Manager for Keltech. “By making these enhancements, we’ve been able to simplify service, reduce troubleshooting challenges, and advance the performance and reliability of Keltech Electric Tankless Water Heaters to a whole new level.”
For more than 90 years, Bradley Corporation has designed and manufactured commercial washfountains, and today is the industry’s comprehensive source for plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, restroom partitions, emergency fixtures, solid plastic lockers and electric tankless water heaters. Headquartered in Wisconsin, Bradley serves the commercial, industrial, health care, recreation, education, and retail markets worldwide. For more information, contact Bradley, Telephone: (800) Bradley; Fax: (262) 251-5817;

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