Keep Your Business Vehicle Safe and Protected

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If you drive a work vehicle, likely, you are out in it often. This means it is important, for your safety, to keep your work vehicle secure and protected. This includes work cars, fleet vehicles, trucks, long-term car rentals, or personal vehicles used for business.

A safe vehicle keeps repair and maintenance costs down, saves time in finding things, makes it easy to transport items or passengers, and keeps the brand image positive. It is also stated in legislation that not only physical working locations must be clean, but all property active under the business including vehicles.  

Remove all clutter 

Clutter (such as materials, paperwork, rubbish, equipment, or general debris) can build up quickly and as a result, affect the safety of the vehicle. This is because any debris can be a distraction or cause you to lose control by getting in the way. Ensure all items are stored away properly and securely. 

Regularly clean the interior 

It is nice and easy to drive through a car wash, but that means the interior is often neglected. Spills and rubbish may build up, as well as mud, snow, or water gets trodden in. This not only creates a hazardous environment but also is unhygienic.

It is also important to clean the windows and mirrors to ensure optimal safety when driving. 

Safety kit 

In case of emergencies, all business vehicles should have adequate equipment stored in case of an emergency. If you drive a large vehicle like a truck, it is typical that a lot of long-distance travel is involved. Ensure your vehicle has a first aid kit, high visibility jacket, spare food, and water, as well as a torch and radio. 

It is also important to have a paper copy of things you may need, for example, a map, emergency personal and business work numbers, breakdown cover, and reliable truck accident lawyers to ensure you are covering everything you may need as a driver. 

Secure all work equipment 

If your truck or vehicle is equipped with materials, ladders, pipes, poles, rods, etc. is it crucial to ensure there is a safe place for these items to be stored. Whether they are on a roof rack or truck bed, they should all be tied down and away from windows or openings, to ensure there is no movement or risk of an accident. 

If equipment is not stored and secured properly, ladders, materials, and other items run the risk of sliding off the vehicle while traveling down a road, resulting in hazardous conditions for other drivers.

Keep all items, including ladders, that are in a truck bed, or on the roof rack, tied down to ensure they do not become dislodged while driving. The consequences can be fatal. 

Frequent inspections

It is important to ensure your business vehicle is frequently checked over by a professional. This includes the cleanliness of the mirrors and windows, any cracks in the windshields, tire pressure or punctures, headlights, and signals. 

Keep your business vehicle or truck clean and protected to ensure a better and safer working environment. 

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