Jomar JP-100G Lead Free Brass Ball Valves

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The Jomar JP-100G lead free brass ball valves are premium, Italian-made products that are 2-piece, full-port, 250 WOG with a press end connection and NSF certification.

Now including an all-new leak detect o-ring system, these valves are a savvy solution that leads to no more leaks during installation and application. Additional features also include heat treated dezincification resistant alloy; corrosion resistant geomet handles; and a triple stem seal with lifetime warranty.

The JP-100G with leak detect o-ring system are available in sizes ranging from ½” – 2” with optional stainless steel trim, and can be customized with various accessories. BIM and CAD files are available for download.

Features include:

  • Dezincification resistant brass alloy
  • Press Connection with Leak Detection O-Rings
  • Triple sealing stem with 2 FKM O-Rings and Second Generation PTFE seats
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • 100% leak tested
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Leakproof stem – Lifetime Warranty
  • Wetted surfaces contain less than .25% lead content
  • Accessories available

For more information on the JP-100G, visit Jomar Valve.

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