Jobber Is Awarding $100,000 to Home Service Entrepreneurs

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Launched during Jobber Professional Development Day, Boost by Jobber will help launch, grow, and strengthen small home service businesses

Jobber, the leading provider of home service management software, today unveiled Boost by Jobber, a grant program to further support the hard-working entrepreneurs within the home services sector. Aspiring entrepreneurs, new business owners, and longtime home service entrepreneurs are invited to apply for free grants ranging from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the category their business qualifies for. Twenty home service businesses across 50+ industries such as lawn care, plumbing, residential cleaning, and painting, will be awarded $100,000 in total. Applications are now open through May 5, 2021. Finalists will be announced in July 2021 with the list of winners announced in August 2021.

“Home service entrepreneurs impact their local communities and neighborhoods in meaningful ways,” said Sam Pillar, CEO & co-founder at Jobber. “They employ millions of people while operating behind-the-scenes to keep homes, offices, and other spaces safe and in good working order—yet, despite their important contributions, small businesses are largely underserved when it comes to business financing. Boost by Jobber helps address this gap by providing service business entrepreneurs with some extra working capital that may not otherwise be available through traditional banks and government grant programs.”

Royce Ard, who owns My Amazing Maid with his wife, Tamara, further validates this statement. “Typically when I see a grant, I’m almost always assuming it’s for a specific cohort and I wouldn’t qualify,” explained Ard. “Loans are very, very, very hard to get. As far as going to a bank and getting $10,000 for a small business like ours, you’re not going to get it.”

Boost by Jobber grants are organized into categories that reflect various stages of company growth, from ideas on paper to recently launched ventures to established businesses—as well as an additional category for COVID-19 support. Five winners will be selected from each of the following:

  • Almost-entrepreneurs (pre-business): Those who have the drive to start and run a home service business, but need funds to get started.
  • New business owners (0-3 years): Entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of building their team, client list, and services.
  • Experienced business owners (3+ years): Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their mature business to the next growth stage.
  • COVID-19 support: Entrepreneurs seeking financial support or resources for their team’s well-being.

Jobber spoke with dozens of service professionals to better understand the impact extra cash flow could have on a business, to create the grant categories, and to determine the dollar values assigned to each grant. Whether a company is looking to purchase new equipment, increase marketing dollars, launch a new service, train teams, or is in need of financial relief, funds from the Boost by Jobber program can make a big difference in helping small business owners be more successful.

“People don’t understand the value of the cash flow,” stated Steven Knight, Partner at Mosaic Home Services Ltd. “It’s not necessarily only helping the business. It’s helping the business owners. Their ability to lead people and calm down. Cash flow helps them be a better business leader.”

Boost by Jobber is one of many initiatives within Jobber’s home service ecosystem that is dedicated to supporting the home service entrepreneur, whether it’s through the company’s award-winning business management software, resources such as Jobber Academy, community building via the company’s Entrepreneurship Group on Facebook, and more.

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