IntelliFlow®: An Automatic Shutoff Valve

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Don’t Let a Washing Machine Leak Dampen Your Customers’ Day

Help protect homes and businesses from catastrophic water damage with the IntelliFlow, the Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve from Watts. A burst washing machine hose can discharge 500 gallons of water in one hour, costing thousands of dollars in preventable damage. IntelliFlow installs easily, constantly monitors washing machine water flow, and shuts off the water immediately if an inlet hose bursts.

The IntelliFlow can be recessed or surface mounted, making it ideal for retrofit or new construction. It comes with 1/2’” sweat adaptors that can be used for the hot or cold-water supply and is powered from a standard, 15A GFI, 115-volt outlet. A straightforward install, IntelliFlow requires no electrical wiring. For 220 VAC washing machine setups, an IntelliTimer adaptor is available.

IntelliFlow works through an advanced, silent electronic control device that opens the valve only when the washing machine is on. This device automatically closes the water inlet when the machine isn’t in use, or if a leak is detected. There’s also a floor-mounted leak sensor that will trigger valve-close as soon as water is detected.  Its internal strainer screen is easily replaced, ensuring protection that lasts. The best part? Your customers get the peace of mind that comes with real-time, automatic text and email alerts when IntelliFlow shuts water off.

Water damage claims make up 20% of all insurance claims, and on average cost approximately $11,000. Luckily, IntelliFlow makes finding leaks and preventing water damage easier than ever.

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