Industry Leading HVAC Firm Implements Service Enterprise Software

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Cube Six, Inc. announced today that Morris-Jenkins Company, one of the largest residential heating and air conditioning service providers in the United States, has completed the initial implementation of Cube Six’s ServMan ERP Software for an all-in-one business management solution.

Founded in 1958, Morris-Jenkins is the industry leader in the Charlotte, NC region having installed over 20,000 HVAC systems in just the past 10 years. The decision to implement ServMan Software is integral to the company’s mission to innovate its business, offer spectacular customer service and continue its positive growth.Morris-Jenkins Company believes that ServMan is the best strategic system to manage future growth.

“We have over 100 technicians in the field and are adding more each day. The capacity-based scheduling, resource planning and dispatching tools provided by ServMan are unique in the industry and allow us to automatically match the best technician to each service call while at the same time minimizing drive times, so we can maximize every opportunity.

ServMan’s process automation, integrated field mobile solution and limitless adaptability will support rapid growth for our company with little or no increase in back-office manpower,” said Anne Gannon, General Manager, Morris-Jenkins Company. Ms. Gannon also added, “The redundancy experienced in our prior system has been eliminated with ServMan. Rather than multiple departments needing to enter the same information again and again, we only need to enter information once in ServMan for it to be used across the entire business enterprise. There is no duplication of effort with ServMan; this has produced a great improvement in business efficiency at Morris-Jenkins Company”.

Morris-Jenkins Company expects ServMan Software to deliver many additional benefits, including enhanced client communications, strong reporting capabilities, and improved workflow in all facets of the business.

ServMan’s Automated Pre-Post Appointment Assistant (APPAA) allows Morris-Jenkins to communicate with clients by phone or text message for appointment confirmations, maintenance visit reminders, surveys and more. “APPAA makes thousands of client contacts for us that would otherwise be a tremendous task for our employees. This tool will save us considerable cost,” said Alli Todd, Support Services Manager.

ServMan also enables Morris-Jenkins to run highly detailed reports that give the company fast access to information and significant insight into business performance. This KPI reporting is seen as a key benefit by Morris-Jenkins. According to Tim O’Brien, Service Manager, “ServMan’s reporting provides a wealth of information for tracking results, understanding various aspects of our operations, and coaching our employees to achieve their full potential.”

“Choosing ServMan was not just a decision for selecting a system that was comprehensive, it was also about choosing a vendor who demonstrates industry best practices and a collaborative spirit,” said Ms. Gannon. “Cube Six has been a great organization to work with. They held our hand through the deployment process and went above and beyond to make it an easy transition”.

About Cube Six, Inc.
Cube Six, Inc. (Matthews, NC) was formed in 2001 and focuses on the development, marketing, implementation and support of its flagship product, ServMan Software. ServMan is a fully-integrated enterprise management and accounting system designed specifically for the service industry. The product integrates a suite of software modules that manage virtually all aspects of a commercial and/or residential service business. ServMan’s robust solutions for mobile computing, web access and work force automation clearly distinguish the company as an industry leader.

ServMan also includes an unique integrated development environment (IDE) that allows the software to incorporate any client’s unique business rules and workflow requirements, add fields to existing tables, create user-defined tables and interface with external applications and data sets. Administrators can actually add new functionality and controls to the application without modifying the ServMan core. This virtually limitless adaptability is one of ServMan’s most significant differentiators.

Since its inception, Cube Six has helped optimize workflow systems and improve business efficiencies by implementing ServMan for thousands of users throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and the Caribbean Islands. Cube Six has successfully converted clients to ServMan from a variety of applications including Great Plains, S2000, Successware, SAP, Solomon, ESC, Jonas, MAS90, ACCPAC, Peachtree, SAGE and many other systems.

Cube Six, Inc. maintains many key strategic alliances with service and equipment providers that directly benefit ServMan users, including the Nexstar Network, Avalara, Networkfleet (a Verizon company), Merchant Warehouse, Intermec, CorKat Data Solutions and others.


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