¼-inch Hex 4.3-Amp impact driver

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PORTER-CABLE announces the launch of its ¼-inch Hex 4.3-Amp impact driver that delivers performance, ergonomics, durability and value for professionals. The PCE201 impact driver is ideal for deck builders, steel roofing installers and other tradesmen who complete numerous fastening applications in challenging workplaces.

PORTER-CABLE’s compact impact driver features a 4.3-amp motor that delivers the power to complete tough applications with 3,500 beats per minute (BPM). Additionally, the metal gear housing helps dissipate heat build up caused by the impacting mechanism, allowing for durability during heavy-duty applications. While compact enough to fit in small spaces, the PCE201 impact driver was engineered for versatile power to provide efficiency on the jobsite. The impact driver delivers 1,450 inch-pounds of max torque, enabling professionals to complete a wide range of fastening tasks. Equipped with a variable speed trigger and reversing unit, the PCE201 impact driver provides up to 2,900 revolutions per minute (RPM) for control and fast speed of application. www.portercable.com

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