iFLO Smart Automated HVAC Device Provides Useful Solution for Industry Technicians

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iFLO Will Save HVAC Technicians Nuisance Calls, Save Homeowners from an Out-Of-Service HVAC

Professional HVAC Specialists have a new friend in the smart home space, to help save them time, make them some money, and service customers more conveniently.  iFLO® is the first-of-its-kind, smart automated device that dispenses a bio-enzymatic cleaning solution directly into the AC drain line and drain pan actively breaking down and flushing out the build-up that leads to clogs, floods, and shutdowns. iFLO patented technology uses geo-location and reads local temperature, and humidity levels to customize maintenance needs. iFLO is on a mission to save HVAC technicians from nuisance calls and homeowners from unnecessary costly clogs.

iFlo is thrilled to be launching at the AHR Expo in Chicago with partners Watsco Distribution, and Dealers: Air Pro’s, All Year Cooling. Come visit booth N2067 at AHR in Chicago January 22-24.

How it works for the PROS

  • Real Time Outbound Calls:Patented “Smart” Float Switch immediately alerts service provider when condensate line is clogged.
  • Recurring Revenue:Enroll your customers in 6-month service calls to replace iFLO® bottles, saving homeowners the hassle of needing to remember and do it themselves.
  • Real-time dashboard:Provide service techs with custom admin panel identifying location and status of iFLO® customers.

When an HVAC Expert includes iFLO on a new HVAC install, it ensures the unit will run smoothly. This is especially helpful, as in year one, when the unit is under warranty HVAC technicians often have to absorb the cost, or work with insurance to get paid on calls related to the unit not working, that many times, are caused by a clogged drainpipe. Something iFLO was invented specifically to target and solve.

Stay in control Using AI-based technology, the FLO app can geo-locate users and provide a customized dispensing schedule based on humidity and temperature. iFLO proprietary cleaning solution lasts for 3-6 months depending on location. Through the app, utilize a variety of subscription plans, something that an HVAC service provider can offer to customers, including installation.

“iFLO is a revolutionary smart home product that will change the landscape for servicing and maintaining HVAC units,” says Joe McDonell, inventor iFLO, “By installing iFLO a PRO can make sure that their customers units are running smoothly. Shut downs, water damage, leaks related to clogged drain pipes are no longer an issue with iFLO smart device and proprietary cleaning solution. With the app there is ability to service from a far, and ensure the AC doesn’t shut down, especially when it’s needed most, and create an unhappy customer.”

Why iFLO is needed: ACs cool the space and eliminate excess humidity by passing warm air through the cold condensation coils located inside the air handler. Condensation forms on the coils and collects in a catch basin. When the condensation mixes with biological particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and airborne germs, a thick jelly-like mucus called “Zooglea” starts to form. Zooglea becomes sticky and gummy as it builds up inside the condensate drain line, eventually clogging the PVC pipe and causing the AC to either shut down or overflow.

Why Does Zooglea Matter? Before 2015, condensation coils contained copper, an antimicrobial inhibitor slowing the growth of bacteria that minimized clogs between six to nine months. Due to the rising cost of materials, manufacturers have since replaced copper with aluminum. Unlike copper, aluminum does not inhibit the growth of Zooglea. The number of ACs replaced every year has increased by 5-6%, further exacerbating the problem.

iFLO Kit Includes: Device, 36oz Drain Cleaner, Drain Line Connector/Adaptor

Learn more at https://iflo.com/ visit us at booth N2067 at AHR in Chicago January 22-24.

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