ICC-ES PMG, SRCC Offer Dual Certification Program for Solar Thermal Products

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The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) PMG Listing Program and the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) are collaborating to offer a dual certification program for all solar thermal product manufacturers, which will result in a PMG listing issued by ICC-ES PMG and a thermal performance rating issued by SRCC.

“Our mission by collaborating with SRCC, who has been a driving force in the solar industry for many years, is to offer manufacturers a credible one-stop shop for their solar rating and proof of code compliance to the International Residential Code®, International Energy Conservation Code®, International Green Construction Code® and the Uniform Solar Energy Code©” said Dawn LaFleur-Qualley, ICC-ES PMG Senior Program Manager. “In doing so, the manufacturers in the industry will save money and time while receiving a complete product certification for their solar thermal products.”

ICC-ES PMG capability to certify solar collectors and systems is accredited by ANSI. The City of Los Angeles, among many other jurisdictions, has also recognized ICC-ES PMG as a listing agency to certify solar thermal systems.

ICC-ES PMG and SRCC will include each product that receives dual certification in their online directories. The directory listings will contain information on the product's materials, specifications and the certified thermal performance rating. The dual certification program will require continuous compliance of the manufacturing locations.

“Partnering with ICC-ES PMG is the logical choice to provide solar thermal product manufacturers with one point of contact from two highly reputable third party certification organizations,” said SRCC Executive Director, Eileen Prado. “We are pleased to develop this dual certification program and look forward to working closely with the ICC-ES PMG staff to meet the needs of the industry.”

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