ICC Announces Next Step in Commitment to Water Efficiency

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The International Code Council has announced a call for Standards Development Committee members to continue development of an ANSI standard dedicated to rainwater collection and conveyance systems. The project title ICC 805, Standard for Rainwater Collection System Design and Installation, began in April 2011 when ICC filed a Project Initiation Notification System (PINS) with the American National Standards Institute. During the PINS phase, a public announcement notified all interested parties and stakeholders of ICC’s plan to develop a standard and asked for comments or identification of other standards developers that may have an interest in this area. No overlapping projects were identified within the ANSI specified period.

The Code Council has made great progress in its commitment to the safe use of rainwater through the development of code provisions to protect water resources. The International Green Construction Code (IgCC) was completed and made available for adoption in March of 2012. It includes a robust section on water efficiency and conservation. In the 2012 Code Development Cycle, ICC Members and industry stakeholders worked to develop comprehensive non-potable water provisions covering sources like rainwater, graywater and reclaimed water provisions to support a comprehensive strategy. These groundbreaking provisions have been added to the 2015 edition of the International Plumbing Code, due out soon.
Building on these efforts, ICC is continuing to move forward with resources that will facilitate expanded application of rainwater harvesting systems, and ensure the preservation of health and safety while saving water. ICC Standard 805 will apply to the design, installation and maintenance of rainwater collection systems intended to collect, store, treat, distribute, and utilize rainwater for potable and non-potable applications.
This is especially important for regions experiencing water shortages and water quality issues. Many jurisdictions are seeking an industry standard to help them develop guidelines and provide a minimal and safe water source in a way that works with their existing codes. Many drought stricken jurisdictions, as well as those wishing to conserve natural resources, have undertaken efforts to provide their citizens with guidelines, codes and best management practices to enable the use of these systems locally.
Ensuring the availability of fresh water is a critical issue and rainwater reuse will become an ever more important alternative water source in the years ahead. The ICC and building safety industry are again taking the lead by embracing this effective means of water capture. Rainwater systems make use of a variety of unique devices such as first flush diverters, debris excluders and diverter valves. At present no standards exist in the United States for these devices.
Anyone interested in more information, should contact ICC’s Mike Pfeiffer; 888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233), ext. 4338.

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