HTP Versa Series -“ High Mass High Efficiency Combination Heating

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The Versa Series combination units from HTP represent the latest innovations in high mass heating technology today. These modulating condensing gas appliances operate at efficiency rates up to 96%, contributing not only to the environment’s well being but to the customer’s as well. The all-in-one design of the Versa Series appliances results in considerable space and cost savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility, energy conservation, and consumer convenience.

The Versa Hydro is the right choice for units that call for plentiful domestic hot water over space heating needs. With ample domestic hot water storage available the Versa Hydro delivers massive amounts of water, reaching a first hour rating of up to 334 gallons at a 37.7°C temperature rise. The space heating module creates heat from a brazed plate heat exchanger, drawing energy from the stores heat in the tank to efficiently heat the home.

The Versa Flame is the choice for units with space heating as a primary need. Space heating is available in units that deliver as high as 199,000 Btu with 82°C. The heat exchanger of the Versa Flame is surrounded by 55 gallons of hydronic mass offering a low pressure drop, reducing short cycling. The tankless water heater draws energy stored in the tank boosting domestic hot water production.  The Versa Flame delivers 4.8 GPM of endless hot water with a first hour rating of 300 gallons at a 25°C rise.

The Versa Series is offered in many different model sizes offering a great range of availability suitable for residential and some light commercial needs. After 35 years in the heating industry HTP continues to test the limits of the heating industry by constantly re-inventing the field with high efficient products that offer cost and energy savings.

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