HTP Introduces New Residential Electric Water Heater, EVERLAST Elevate Demand Response

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HTP has introduced a new residential electric water heater, the EVERLAST Elevate Demand Response, that provides the same amount of hot water as a 100-gallon electric water heater from a 55-gallon tank.

The heater is available in 55 gallon capacity, and includes a lifetime tank warranty and six-year part warranty with online registration. The water heater will be on display at the AHR Expo at Ariston’s Booth N1140 beginning Monday, January 22.

The EVERLAST Elevate Demand Response includes integrated scald protection and I-Memory, a self-learning habit algorithm which ensures users will have hot water when they need it and save energy when they don’t.

Other features include daily scheduling to guarantee hot water is available when it’s needed most; electronic temperature control with an energy cut-off to prevent overheating; a user-friendly LCD display to allow easy view of operational status, parameter changing and diagnostics; a factory-installed pressure release valve; a durable brass drain valve; and dryfire protection, which protects the water heater from damaging the elements if the tank is not properly filled.

The unit offers maximum durability and is constructed with 316L stainless steel and low-watt density titanium elements. The EVERLAST Elevate Demand Response is designed to make installation a breeze; its light weight construction makes it easier to handle than traditional glass-lined water heaters and fits seamlessly into the footprint of a traditional 80 gallon electric water heater. Jurisdictions that require installation of a thermostatic mixing valve will have out-of-the-box compliance.

Performance advantages include a 77-gallon first hour rating (FHR), a UEF rating of 0.94 and up to 115 gallons of 105˚F at the fixture when then tank is set to 170˚F. It meets all efficiency requirements of the Department of Energy and is NAECA III compliant.

HTP is a brand of Ariston Group, a global leader in sustainable solutions for hot water and space heating, components and burners.

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