How to Find the Best Businesses That Sell Safety Gear

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Whether you work at a construction site, a lab, a warehouse, or just about anywhere that constantly has people at some sort of risk, it’s crucial to have nothing but the best of the best when it comes to safety gear. Think about a helmet, for example; if the plastic covering is soft, then you can definitely count on that basically not being effective and still putting someone at risk. Sadly, while more companies are focusing on mass production, it does technically mean that quality goes down the drain.

However, even though more safety gear and equipment companies are popping up, that doesn’t mean you have to be worried about being put at risk. It’s really about getting the best of the best. So, here’s how you can find the best businesses that provide nothing but the best safety gear!

Know What Certifications Are Required for These Businesses

Whether it’s railing companies, helmets, gloves, steel toe boots, or essentially anything else, there’s a very high chance there is going to be specifical certifications that are required to prove that the item is safe. Nowadays, it does seem like only good businesses show they’re reputable and are willing to shoot through hoops to prove it. After all, when using safety equipment, you have the expectation that it’s going to protect you if anything bad happens. 

Reviews Tend to Help

When it comes to reviews, since it’s B2B, it might not be as simple as looking at their Business Google Reviews. Consumer reviews and other business reviews are different; you could even say it’s more challenging to find. For the most part, you might need to check websites like Trust Pilot, LinkedIn, see if there are reviews online (like a blog post), or maybe just ask around. While yes, it’s technically more challenging to find reviews when you find them, they help out so much. 

Ask for Samples

This doesn’t always work, but sometimes you can get a free sample or a sample that’s cheap. Sometimes, at industry events, these are even given out. So it’s a perfect opportunity to get an idea of the quality. But there is technically one catch that you need to be wary of. Sometimes, but not always, businesses will give out samples that are of higher quality and made of better material than the actual items themselves. Of course, this isn’t all the time, but it’s best to be cautious of this. 

Never Hurts to Ask for Referrals

Can this be tough? To a degree, yeah. For starters, you can’t ask your competitors because what are the odds they’ll even help you? Sometimes, a client might be able to point you in a good direction. Other than that. It might be other organizations you’re working with. While it can be hard, it’s not far from possible, though. Plus, you can always go online, such as specific forums, and YouTube videos for your industry, or even just straight up ask for recommendations on Linked In.

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