Hot Jobs: 4 Well-Paid Trade Options

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Today, many people aspire to start a career in the IT field. Such specialists are in great demand, and also receive high wages. Thus, even children from an early age understand where they need to strive to build a profitable career.

However, not every person is born to work in the office at the computer. Many people are passionate about hands-on work. Specialists who can repair plumbing or complex equipment, build a house, and conduct wiring will always be needed. These jobs also pay well.

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Therefore, you do not have to dream of a career in IT. If you are born for hands-on activities, then we will tell you about professions that will become profitable for you.

Construction Manager

If you want to connect your life with the construction of various houses and objects, you should strive to get the position of a Construction Manager. Such a person is the one who controls the construction projects from their very beginning to the end. This is a responsible job, so the ability to organize the work of subordinates and the skills of a leader are indispensable.

You can start with small projects. As you gain experience and improve your skills, you can start working on larger projects. However, if you want to further advance your career and increase your salary, you will need to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Elevator and Escalator Mechanic

In every city, more and more high-rise buildings appear every year, where the presence of elevators, as well as escalators, is mandatory. Since such objects are the most used, their breakdowns occur frequently.

A mechanic who can read blueprints, replace faulty parts, and ensure the safety of equipment will always be in high demand. The most important criterion for professionals is to improve their mechanical skills.

Experience and the ability to work at height will also be an advantage. Since improvements and changes are taking place in this area, such a specialist should be aware of all the latest improvements and be able to work with innovations.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologist

To work in this professional area, specialists need to be trained at a trade school. During the training, specialists learn to work with electronic and electrical equipment, make drawings and diagrams, produce parts, and perform equipment maintenance.

You should have both mechanical and logical skills. In addition, your powers of observation will be to your advantage. To work with the equipment, specialists need to obtain a certificate. After that, you can work in various production facilities, in engineering services, as well as in various organizations.


Since the assembly, repair, and maintenance of boilers often have to be done on the street, specialists need to have physical endurance. Sometimes specialists have to work even in the most unpredictable situations.

In addition, you can perform your work, both in residential and commercial buildings, in various factories, as well as on ships. Technical training includes training in reading blueprints, using tools, and safety precautions.


Not only IT professionals can make good money today. Specialists employed in construction, the ones who work with complex equipment and hardware, in engineering will always remain in high demand. Such work requires mechanical and technical skills. Moreover, your physical endurance will be a must-have. Having many years of experience and improving their skills, specialists can always count on a good salary and professional career advancement.

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