HomeAdvisor releases home project data

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Golden, Colo. — HomeAdvisor released today the Home Repair, Maintenance and Improvement Quarterly Trend Report for the first quarter of 2014. The data* provides trends for the type of home projects that homeowners are planning, budgeting for and completing. Reports are available on a national level as well as regionally in Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Denver and Sacramento.

In the first quarter, 46.6 percent of the requests nationally were for additions and remodeling projects with homeowners most commonly requesting bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels and building home additions. Of the cities data was collected from, Dallas had the highest percentage of additions and remodeling requests (43.5%) with projects including bathroom remodels, upholstering furniture and building home additions.

More than half of the projects requested nationally focused on repair and maintenance projects (53.4%). Top tasks include replacing faucets, fixtures or pipes, installing or replacing electrical switches and installing or replacing shingle roofing. Of the cities data was collected from, Boston had the highest percentage of repair and maintenance projects requested (65.6%).

“First quarter home improvement trends for 2014 are encouraging for the home improvement industry,” said HomeAdvisor’s CEO Chris Terrill. “While repairs and maintenance dominate the number of projects being requested, additions and remodels follow closely behind, suggesting a strong year for home improvement.”

The most common style for interior design trends was a traditional style (43%) and the kitchen (23%) was the most common room that homeowners were looking to design. Most homeowners spent less than $20,000 on their home projects (57.2%) and most projects were being completed on less than 200 square feet of their home (63%).

The data was collected from 400,000 service requests received through HomeAdvisor.com from January to March of 2014.The data was divided in two categories: additions and remodels or maintenance and repairs. Additional information was provided by HomeAdvisor’s homeowner tools: Cost Guide and DesignMine. Cost Guide provides the average cost locally and nationally of more than 800 home projects. DesignMine is an interior design tool that helps homeowners build and share personalized design boards before being matched with a professional to bring their vision to life.

*The Quarterly Trend report data is based on the number of service request through HomeAdvisor.com from January 1- March. 31, 2014, the number of unique visitors to Cost Guide pages from January 1-March 31, 2014 and the photos that have been uploaded to DesignMine as of April 1, 2014.

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