Health Care Reform Path Unclear

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The Obama Administration has formally rejected requests to accredit Taft-Hartley plans as qualified health plans in the state and federal insurance exchanges, which denies our plan participants and some small employers the tax credits that otherwise should have been available to them to put them on a par with non-sponsoring employers and their workforces.  The $63 per capita reinsurance fee levied on our jointly sponsored plans also remains in effect, requiring our plans to use their assets to reinsure the previously uninsured – an entirely inequitable provision levied on jointly sponsored self-insured Taft Hartley plans.  MCAA expects to consider backing expected legislation to repeal that aspect of Obamacare when it is introduced later this fall.  And, the Internal Revenue Service has still not rendered a decision on whether the MCAA-proposed employee-count exclusion for fully insured bargaining unit workers from the mandated benefit threshold will be adopted.

Source: MCAA

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