Grundfos Joins Milwaukee’s Water Center

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Milwaukee — To promote its brand among the water community and collaborate with partners across all business sectors, Grundfos has leased an office in Milwaukee’s Global Water Center, a seven-story, former warehouse designed to house water-related technology development facilities for universities, established businesses and start-ups. The center’s opening ceremony takes place Sept. 12.

The Water Center will allow Grundfos to leverage key relationships with original equipment manufacturers such as Veolia and Siemens, which maintain a presence in the Great Lakes region.

“We view the Great Lakes region as an emerging and increasingly vital hub for the water industry,” said Jay Stellmacher, business unit director for Grundfos USA Water Treatment. “Our new office in Milwaukee will allow us to continue to grow our presence in the area.”

The $22 million 98,000-square-foot building features a lecture hall, exhibition space for new prototypes, high-tech core facilities and a state-of-the-art water flow lab. The open, collaborative concept is critical to supporting water research and product development. Tenants include a mix of industry, academia and government expertise.

“The Global Water Center gives us the unique opportunity to harness the economic talent and technology development of industry and academia under one roof,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of the Water Council. “Grundfos’ expertise as a global leader in water technology helps us truly position Milwaukee as a world water hub.”

Milwaukee’s proximity to Lake Michigan, which provides approximately 1 billion gallons of fresh drinking water each day, makes it the ideal location for freshwater research and development. Grundfos recently opened its North American headquarters about 100 miles south of Milwaukee in the Chicagoland area, another region along Lake Michigan’s shore. Grundfos also operates a manufacturing and service facility in the Chicago metropolitan area.

With its growing presence in the Great Lakes Region, Grundfos is poised to play an increasingly important role in the North American water industry.

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