Grundfos Hydro Multi-B Booster Pump System

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Hydro Multi-B angle shotTo provide the greatest range of solutions for engineered packaged pumping systems, Grundfos announced the sales release of the Hydro Multi-B, an all variable speed controlled pump system utilizing two to three Grundfos CME pumps. The Hydro Multi-B booster pump system has two key features:  an easy-to-use CU323 controller for efficient, optimized pump control in constant-pressure applications and simplicity of installation and operation, the key design concept for the system. The system also boasts the proven reliability of energy-optimized Grundfos CMEs, horizontal multistage close-coupled pumps designed for compactness and flexibility. The pumps feature the Grundfos integrated variable frequency drive MLE motor, which significantly reduces power consumption and better matches demand in high-performance commercial building applications.

Applications for the Multi-B include domestic water-pressure boosting, such as large homes, multistory buildings, apartment complexes, small hotels, rural areas requiring pressure boosting and anywhere redundant pumping is required.

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