Greenlee Shear 30T

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Greenlee Textron Inc., a Textron Inc. company, introduces the Shear 30T, a safe and efficient solution to cutting strut and threaded rod. Currently, industry professionals cut strut with a saw blade, with either a band saw or chop saw. These labor-intensive methods are time consuming and result in uneven cut lengths and often need additional work to file sharp edges. Watch the innovative Shear 30T in action at

“We listened to contractors’ demands for a new method to increase productivity, improve precision and eliminate the need for rework while cutting strut,” said Dale Speggen, Greenlee Product Manager. “The Shear 30T harnesses 30 tons of power to consistently produce clean, straight cuts. The effortless, smooth cuts reduce the risk of injury from burs, metal chips or sharp edges and exposed blades.”


Mounted on a mobile work station, the transportable Shear 30T is designed for efficient work flow on any jobsite or in fabrication shops. The Shear 30T is hydraulically powered and features an easy measuring station for accurate, repeatable cuts. The hydraulic pump is safely stored on the bottom of the cart and the hose is securely attached to the cutting unit through a grommet hole on the cart’s table top, preventing clutter and reducing the risk of injury.

“Repeatability is a big factor for the Shear 30T,” said Speggen. “In most cases, contractors are buying strut in 10-foot lengths. When using the old methods of cutting and filing, on average, a contractor will lose about 1/16-inch of strut per cut; this results in the last cut being short and more scrap.”

The Shear 30T has interchangeable dies that are made from durable, long-lasting material and can be rotated to extend die life. The unique die profile design offers compatibility with multiple brands of strut, providing versatility for the operator. A quick die change system requires no tools or loose parts. For increased efficiency, the dies automatically retract after a cut so that they are in position for repeated use. In addition, the use of dies improves safety by eliminating the use of a blade to cut strut. The Shear 30T dies effortlessly cut:
· 7/8-inch and 1 5/8-inch single strut

· 1 5/8-inch back-to-back strut

· 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 1/2-inch and 5/8-inch threaded rod

· Cooper B-Line® 4D21 and 4D22 strut

The Shear 30T is now available for purchase. To schedule a demonstration or purchase the new Greenlee Shear 30T, contractors can locate their nearest dealer by visiting

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