Greenlee 690-15 Power Fishing System

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Greenlee has introduced a new version of the 690 Power Fishing System. The new unit, model 690-15, features a newly-designed motor, larger 8-inch wheels, a transport handle, and a longer 15-foot hose for improved maneuverability around the jobsite. Power fishing units and vacuum blowers are used in the pre-pulling stage of pulling wires and cables through conduit. Commercial and utility contractors use these systems to pull poly line and tape through long conduit runs faster and easier than using regular fish tapes. Both the new motor unit (690-RM) and the replacement tank unit (690-RT) are compatible with all 690 models from 1988 to present and available to purchase separately. The industrial, two-stage motor unit features 7.2-inch (18.28 cm) fans, designed to maintain consistent pressure most often used in conduit runs longer than 200 feet. This design enables the piston and line weight to travel further than a typical consumer vacuum unit. A washable stainless steel filter is also included. The 690-15 also features a 1/4” thick tank design, which offers 10% more capacity than the previous model. The tank also acts as a storage compartment for either the included 15-foot (4.57 meter) hose or the optional 25-foot (7.62 meter) hose. These longer hoses are intended for use in hard-to-reach locations, such as ceilings and overhead conduit runs.

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