General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye X-POD

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The new Gen-Eye X-POD® from General Pipe Cleaners features a powerful new Command Module with USB port to record video inspections on flash drives.

The lightweight X-POD combines camera, reel, and monitor into one compact package. Standard features include:

• Big 7” LCD Color Monitor
• USB Recording Drive
• One-Touch Recording
• Digital Zoom 4X
• Voice-Over Recording
• Date & Time Stamp
• Flash Drive Capacity Indicator

The Command Module also includes a 3 ft. Probe Rod with color camera for inspecting hard-to-reach places – like ducts, furnaces, and wall spaces.

The full size X-POD features a self-leveling color camera and 200 ft. Gel-Rod® for inspecting 3” to 10” drain lines. The compact Mini-Reel carries 100 ft. or 200 ft. of Gel-Rod with mini color self-leveling camera for trouble-shooting 2” and 3” lines. The rugged steel frames and reels include a drag brake and reel lock. The full size reels sport 10” wheels.

For additional information, contact the Drain Brains® at General Pipe Cleaners at 800-245-6200 or 412-771-6300, or visit

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