Fujitsu VRF Heat Pumps

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Airstage™ V-II VRF, a new line of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pumps is a large capacity, zoned heat pump system with operational efficiencies up to 21.7 iEER (to AHRI 1230 standard) is the perfect fit for small and large buildings. Airstage systems avail a lineup from 6 to 24 tons with a connectable indoor unit capacity ratio up to 130% and up to 45 indoor units per bank of 3 condensing units. High efficiency is achieved by using a single DC inverter-controlled, twin rotary compressor per condenser.  The system also boasts a total pipe length of nearly 3,300 feet.  Heating operating range spans ambient temperatures from 75°F to as low as -5°F, while rated cooling capacity  remains constant with outdoor temperatures from 115°F to 14°F. Fujitsu.

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