Fujitsu Introduces New Airstage VRF Multi-Position Air Handling Unit

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Fujitsu General America, Inc. is introducing a new Airstage VRF multi-position air handling unit (ARUX), featuring seven models ranging from 1 to 5 Ton. It is designed to meet space, comfort, sound, and efficiency requirements in residential, multi-family, lodging, and other light commercial applications while offering all the advantages of the VRF system technology.

The new unit is capable of providing up to 0.8 in. WG static pressure and at only 43 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide for a 2 Ton model, it can be installed in tight spaces. The flexible unit can be mounted in up-flow positions for narrow closets and basements, while horizontal left, and horizontal right positions fit attic spaces. A wide range of optional electric back-up heaters is available for maximum comfort and performance even in colder climates.

The ARUX unit is compatible with a variety of controller options, such as individual, central, and building management controllers. Many optional control accessories are available, including web monitoring tools, remote sensors, MODBUS, LONWORKS and BACnet converters, and thermostat converters.

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