Fresh-Aire UV® Introduces Blue-Tube UV-X

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Fresh-Aire UV®, Jupiter, Fla., a leading manufacturer of indoor air quality (IAQ) productsintroduces the Blue-Tube UV-X, the enhanced, next generation of the world’s most popular UVC light, the Blue-Tube UV for HVAC systems. The feature-rich Blue-Tube UV-X features an industry-leading three-year lamp, a newly-designed mounting bracket, upgraded power supply and 90-degree electrical connector.

Like its predecessor, the patented Blue-Tube UV-X keeps HVAC interiors clean of biological contaminants and continually treats the airstream.

The Blue-Tube UV-X’s mounting bracket redesign includes a smaller footprint and a powerful magnet with an anti-vibration coating that prevents vibrating out of position when positioned near an evaporator coil or in a plenum or duct. The mounting assembly also includes a 90-degree low profile electrical connector for the remote power supply that offers inches of more clearance than space-consuming straight plugs in HVAC confines.

The compact lifetime warranty power supply, which carries Fresh-Aire UV’s renowned lifetime warranty, now features a power and lamp indicator LED on the low voltage power supply model. The power supply is available in two models:

  • 18-32 VAC, 60-Hz, 0.8-amps, 20-VA in a 4.2 (l) x 1.8 (w) x 1.7 (d)-inch (106 x 45 x 43-mm) enclosure.
  • 110-277 VAC, 60-Hz, 0.18-amps/120V through 0.09 Amps/277V in a 5 (l) x 2.4 (w) x 1 (d)-inch (127 x 61 x 25-mm) enclosure.

The Blue-Tube UV-X also features a three-year, 15-inch-long (381-mm) UVC (254-nm) quartz lamp and UL-2998 validation as free of potentially harmful ozone.                                                                             

Other APCO-X MAG features include:

  • Designed and assembled in the US;
  • Consumer oriented packaging helps contractors educate consumers on the benefits of UV disinfection.

While SARS CoV-2 has inspired many industry products with airborne virus neutralization claims, the Blue-Tube UV-X maintains UVC fundamentals of reliable microbial prevention for sterile HVAC coils and interiors, in addition to airstream disinfection.

The Blue-Tube UV-X is available at most HVAC wholesale distributors. For more information on the Fresh-Aire UV products, please visit; call 800-741-1195; or email:

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