FLIR E-Series thermal cameras

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E4_faceRTFLIR Systems will be at the AHR Show showcasing its new FLIR E-Series thermal cameras, which offer an unprecedented level of performance and affordability. Compact, rugged and user-friendly, the new FLIR E4, E5, E6 and E8 thermal cameras are ideal for HVAC professionals who need to track down electrical and mechanical overheating, air and water leaks, and other HVAC-related problems. FLIR E-Series cameras feature a vivid 3″ color LCD display, wide-angle autofocus lens, intuitive camera controls, on-board digital camera, and FLIR’s exclusive MSX® technology (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), which integrates visible details from digital camera photos onto thermal images. Along with delivering a much clearer thermal picture overall, MSX makes it much easier to recognize the location of temperature-related problems without obscuring or compromising the integrity of the original thermal scene – a common problem with older image blending modes.  Up until this product release, MSX was limited to FLIR’s high-performance T-Series cameras. With the new FLIR E4 model, however, it is now available for as low as $995 USD – an astounding thermal imaging price-to-performance breakthrough.

Features Overview
·         Compact and lightweight – only weighs 1.2lbs
·         Center spot measurement mode on all models
·         Intuitive interface with one-handed button controls
·         ±2% or 2° C accuracy & -20º C to 250º C temperature range
·         Radiometric JPEGs retain temperature data
·         Quick-release Li-ion battery with four hour life
·         Capture/store IR/visual/MSX images with each shot

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