EVAPCO acquires Dolphin WaterCare

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Taneytown, Md. — EVAPCO, Inc., a global innovator of heat transfer solutions, announced that it has purchased the assets of Clearwater Systems Corporation. This acquisition combines two industry innovators and provides a path for pulse-power water treatment to thrive in the marketplace and improve the sustainability of the evaporative cooling industry.

With the financial transaction now complete, a long-term strategy will be finalized and announced within the next few months. EVAPCO Products will now be doing business as Dolphin WaterCare. For the foreseeable future, EVAPCO and Dolphin WaterCare will continue commercial operations as independent entities with independent sales forces and channels to market. Anupam Bhargava, formerly CEO of Clearwater Systems, will continue in his leadership role as president of Dolphin WaterCare.

The acquisition of Dolphin WaterCare represents a strategic addition to EVAPCO’s suite of water treatment solutions. The Dolphin WaterCare solution, with a world-wide install base of over 5,500 systems, is a proven, full-service, and sustainable water treatment alternative to hazardous chemical water treatment for evaporative cooling and refrigeration systems. EVAPCO currently offers Smart Shield® and Pulse~Pure®—the first and only factory-mountable water treatment systems specifically engineered for closed circuit coolers and evaporative condensers.

“A partnership between EVAPCO and Dolphin WaterCare was a natural fit, as we both share a goal of improving water efficiency and sustainability benefits for the evaporative cooling industry,” said William G. Bartley, President and CEO of EVAPCO. “We are optimistic that combining EVAPCO’s financial strength with the water treatment experience, technology, and service capabilities of both of our companies will help drive market demand for time-tested and proven non-chemical water treatment solutions.”

Anupam Bhargava, President, Dolphin WaterCare said, “EVAPCO has a long and respected history as a leading innovator in our industry, and we are excited to be joining forces to ensure that sustainable water treatment continues to flourish in the market. For now, our employees and customers will notice little difference as we will continue to operate independently, offering the same advanced water treatment technology, high level of water treatment service and robust reporting that our customers have come to know and trust.”

About EVAPCO, Inc.
EVAPCO, Inc. is an employee-owned global manufacturer of heat transfer solutions for the commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power generation, and industrial process markets. EVAPCO specializes in developing innovative solutions that are reliable, environmentally friendly, and simple to operate and maintain. An industry leader in independent third-party performance certifications, EVAPCO products are designed to deliver high system efficiency with low annual operating costs. Headquartered in Taneytown, MD, EVAPCO products are now manufactured in 21 locations in ten countries around the world and supplied through a sales force of over 170 offices. For more information, visit www.evapco.com.

About Dolphin WaterCare
Dolphin WaterCare provides an environmentally-friendly and proven alternative to chemical water treatment for evaporative cooling and refrigeration systems. The Dolphin solution is comprised of a time-tested technology and comprehensive water treatment service. This unique blend of proven technology and expert service ensures world-class HVAC/refrigeration system health (control of scale, corrosion, and biological activity), pollution prevention, reduced potable water consumption, water re-use opportunities for chemical-free discharge, and lowered operating costs for our customers. For more information, visit www.dolphinwatercare.com.

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