Eternal GU120 water heater

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Grand Hall, marketer of Eternal hybrid water heaters, released the new GU120 model this month, which provides homeowners with endless hot water for up to two applications simultaneously such as a shower and a dishwasher. The GU120 succeeds the previously available GU100 model and adds 20% more BTUs. It contains Eternal’s patented heat exchanger technology and is up to 96% thermally efficient. Everyone, including homeowners in colder climates, will be able to use the GU120 and enjoy consistent hot water without compromising water pressure. The GU120 is ideal for residential retrofit and new construction projects due to its ease of installation, lightweight compact design, ½” gas line connection, and convenient top mounted water taps which licensed contractors will appreciate. This new model is $1,099 after a $300 tax credit if installed by the end of 2013. Additional rebates may be available in your area. The GU120 is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to standard tank and tankless water heaters with features that include:

• 100% Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger with a 2 gallon reserve tank inside
• Full flow design that does not impact water pressure for up to 2 simultaneous household applications
• Digital display for convenient temperature adjustment and self-reporting diagnostics
• 3” PVC venting material that eliminates costly installation materials required by tankless units
• Patented self-cleaning counter flow design to flush sediments out
• Compatibility with low flow Water Sense fixtures and most recirculation systems
• Industry leading 15 year Residential No Leak heat exchanger warranty
• Meets new Ultra Low Emissions standard with virtually no carbon footprint



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