Energy Saving Tips For Businesses

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There are lots of ways to save money on your energy bills for your business, whether you’re a small or large business. You can compare different suppliers and tariffs, and switch to a better deal that can help you to cut your spending. Here are some of the best ways to save energy.

Carry Out An Energy Audit

If you’re serious about cutting your energy use, your first step should be to carry out an energy audit. This involves taking a close look at your whole business and seeing where changes can be made. You might want to carry out this assessment yourself or bring in a professional auditor to do the work for you. A company like Twin Eagle can help you to make the right choices about your energy use. To put it simply, an energy audit involves examining where your company uses energy, how much energy you’re using, and any areas of possible wastage. Once you’ve finished this process, you can find ways to save energy. 

Switch Equipment Off When You’re Not Using It

Not turning appliances off at the mains can cost you a lot of money and wasted energy. Anything that’s left on, like a printer, a desktop PC, or even a modem will all waste power and money. The money each item costs might be a small amount, but when you think about the energy wasted by appliances across your whole workplace, it will all soon start to add up. This means it really pays to get into the habit of turning off equipment when it isn’t being used. 

Replace Inefficient Equipment

It might seem like one of the more obvious ways to save energy at your business, but in fact, a lot of business owners are unaware of how big an impact inefficient equipment can have on their energy bills. By replacing outdated or inefficient appliances with newer models with a good energy rating, you could save a lot. 

Make The Switch To Energy-Efficient Lights

Upgrading from conventional lighting to LED technology can save a business a huge amount on their lighting bills. As well as being a lot cheaper to run than classic light bulbs, LED bulbs also last a lot longer, so you can make even more savings. 

Install Lighting Timers Or Sensors

Automatic lighting controls can cut back the amount of electricity that is wasted due to parts of your workplace being lit when it doesn’t need to be. For example, you could put in timers that will make lights turn off at set times, or use sensor technology that will mean lights turn off automatically when nobody is nearby. 

Take Advantage Of Natural Light

We’re used to using electric light all day long in a lot of work environments, but actually, natural daylight can often be used instead of artificial light. Open the blinds and take advantage of windows, skylights, and other natural sources of light, and you can reduce your electric light use during daylight hours. 

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