Emerson SureSwitch™ relay

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Emerson’s SureSwitch™ relay, model number 49P11-843 replaces the contactor on AC / heat pump systems. The SureSwitch relay combines the function of a contactor and short-cycle timer with a reliable sealed relay.  Designed to fit in the space of a traditional mechanical contactor, the SureSwitch relay is a universal electronic upgrade.

SureSwitch relays address the two major causes of contactor failures; contact welding and contamination.  A microprocessor control, combined with a sealed relay, ensures long life and prevents debris and insects from getting to critical control elements.  In addition to these features, the latching relay design eliminates noise while the microprocessor provides both short cycle and brownout protection to insure longer life for compressors and fan motors.    

SureSwitch relays can be used to upgrade 40 Amp contactor applications, come with a five-year warranty, and should last as long as the serviced equipment. SureSwitch relays are an ideal add-on with new preventative maintenance contracts or for jobs where repeat failures are likely due to exposure to insects or inconsistent power. 

Customizable sales literature is available from the White-Rodgers website. Learn more at www.white-rodgers.com.

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