Emerson Climate launches Sensi™ smart thermostat

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It seems that a lot of talk the past few weeks has been centered on the Google/Nest partnership, and that’s okay with the other thermostats manufacturers, especially Emerson Climate Technologies. The news, in a sense, is putting a bigger microscope on the t-stat industry, and with serious entries from Emerson, it gives them an edge as a contractor’s choice in smart comfort.


Geoff Godwin (r) discusses the Sensi™ thermostat with Mechanical Hub’s Eric Aune at the AHR Show in New York.

Perhaps overused when describing today’s technology, the term “smart” definitely applies to Emerson’s Wi-Fi enabled Sensi™ thermostat. The thermostat offers contractors a simple set-up, and it can be accessed remotely from any Internet-enabled device — PC, tablet or phone. The Hub’s Eric Aune, who visited with Geoff Godwin, vice president of marketing, White-Rodgers*, at the AHR Show came away impressed with the Sensi™ thermostat. “This is the contractor’s thermostat. Super easy setup, simple for the owner to understand, and the mobile app might be one of the most intuitive we’ve seen. I’m excited to get my hands on one soon!”


The intuitiveness of the Sensi™is evident with its inter-connectivity with smart devices and PCs.

The launch of the Sensi thermostat represents Emerson’s first focus for the connected home, offering homeowners a simple and sensible approach to controlling the temperature in their home anytime, anywhere.  For contractors, the Sensi thermostat provides a new business opportunity to sell a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat that is easy to install and easy to connect, at a price similar to comparable standard thermostats today.

“We believe homeowners and contractors will appreciate the simple approach we took to create the thermostat on the wall, and will really be impressed with the results we achieved in the design of the installation and control app.  While designed with the end consumer in mind we did not forget that contractors are vital to the success of any thermostat product,” Godwin said.

EMERSON3Installing and connecting the Sensi thermostat is simple. With no c-wire, the Sensi thermostat is quick and easy to install. Connecting the thermostat to a home Wi-Fi system is also easy with the step-by-step guide provided in the Sensi thermostat mobile app. The mobile app helps the homeowner store up to nine different schedules and manages multiple thermostats on the same app—even at a second home.

Contractor branding is available directly in the Sensi app.  Registered contractors enter their phone number during the installation process then the homeowner is one touch away from calling them the next time they need service.

For more information visit www.SensiComfort.com.

* The Sensi thermostat will be manufactured and marketed by White-Rodgers, a business unit of Emerson and part of the Emerson Climate Technologies business segment.

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