Email marketing for contractors

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It is often pointed out that “information is the most valuable commodity”. That statement couldn’t be truer about our way of life than it is today. In a world that has been consumed with the need to compile data and analyze metrics, where does the HVAC professional fit in? Is the information that is being collected from customers fully utilized by contractors? And if so, what is the best approach for applying these findings in terms of generating more sales? For HVAC business owners who are looking to make the most out of the information they have, email marketing is a low cost solution that can yield big returns long term.

Why Email Marketing?

Aside from its ease of use, one of the greatest advantages of email marketing is the ability to reach customers directly. While traditional forms of brand promotion like print ads, billboards, and mailers, are all proven methods of advertising, each fall short in terms of direct access. According to a 2014 research study by Forrester, “42% of retailers’ email opens now happen on smartphones, up from 28% in 2013”. This means that almost half of all retailers’ communications were not bound by stationary limitations; rather contact was established with the recipient almost immediately, no matter where they were. For a HVAC service professional looking to do more business, this means that the email information that gets collected from customers can be used to engage with them directly in order to leverage repeat spending. By doing something as simple as tracking when a unit was installed and sending out a reminder email for maintenance, conversations can occur more frequently.

Why not focus exclusively on social media?

While social media is an effective medium for promoting services and building the brand, this platform also lacks the reach factor of email marketing. Facebook’s organic reach, for example, has been on a steady decline for some time now, limiting the viewership of posts in an effort to give users the most relevant content possible. This means that even if you’re sharing relevant information with your audience, they may never see it because something deemed more pertinent by Facebook has taken the primary place. Another factor to consider is the significant increase in content produced and its circulation through these platforms. More content equals more competition, increasing the overall difficulty in connecting with others. Unless a Contractor is willing to aggressively compete by producing heavy amounts of digital goods with a paid social media campaign, the growth factor is limited. In contrast, email marketing can help HVAC professionals to grow their online audience through special promotions and an effective call-to-action. By applying both resources contractors can make the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Jaime JimenezJaime Jimenez is the marketing coordinator for ACV Triangle Tube. Headquartered in Blackwood, New Jersey, ACV Triangle Tube engineers and manufactures a wide range of space heating, water heating, and other HVAC related products for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Visit

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