Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) from Bosch

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The Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) from Bosch now makes powerful screwdriving and drilling with cordless tools even more comfortable for professional tradespeople: if the integrated sensor detects sudden jamming during operation ? for example due to tilting in metal or a hard object in wood or masonry ? the motor immediately shuts down and minimizes unwanted further rotation of the power tool. Carpenters, roofers, electricians and plumbers therefore always have their tool under control – even in the toughest screwdriving and drilling applications. Another feature contributing to this is the innovative fixing of the auxiliary handle: just behind the tool’s torque-adjustment ring is a profiled collar to which the specially-designed adjustable auxiliary handle can be tightly clamped. This ensures a secure fit of the auxiliary handle even when subjected to the very heavy forces that can occur when screwdriving and drilling. Moreover, its new locking mechanism enables it to be quickly and easily mounted and dismantled and fixed in 23 individual positions. This makes the cordless tools especially comfortable and easy to handle.

Electronic Rotation Control in the 36 volt class:
GSR and GSB 36 VE-2-LI Professional from Bosch
The GSR 36 VE-2-LI Professional cordless drill/driver and the GSB 36 VE-2-LI Professional cordless combi are the first Bosch tools with Electronic Rotation Control and the new auxiliary handle. They are designed for applications that require high tool power, such as erecting roof trusses or installing prefab house parts. The tools quickly, efficiently and powerfully complete tasks such as driving screws up to 12 millimeters in diameter in softwood or drilling with large auger bits: thanks to their four-pole motor they drive screws and drill effortlessly with a maximum torque of 100 newton meters and 1,800 revolutions per minute. Even in second gear the tools constantly drive screws with eight millimeter diameter in softwood. The high torque combined with the speed of the tools ensures fast work progress and saves time on the jobsite. This also applies to drilling in masonry with the GSB 36 VE-2-LI Professional thanks to its integrated impact drilling function. The gearbox is specially designed for impact drilling applications and enables holes of up to 20 millimeter diameter to be drilled.

The GSR 36 VE-2-LI Professional cordless drill/driver and the GSB 36 VE-2-LI Professional cordless combi are each equipped with a 4.0 Ah battery pack with CoolPack technology. They therefore run for up to 50 percent longer than the previous 2.6 Ah battery packs. For example, up to 70 screws eight millimeters in diameter and 280 millimeters in length can be driven into softwood with one battery charge. The Electronic Cell Protection reliably protects the batteries against overload, overheating and deep discharge. The tool features are completed by the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), which now has an integrated temperature sensor. It protects the motor against overload and ensures a long lifetime.

Electronic Rotation Control in the 14.4 and 18 volt class:
GSR and GSB 14,4 and 18 VE-2-LI Professional in the “robustseries” range
The new 14.4 and 18 volt cordless drill/drivers (GSR) and cordless combis (GSB) in the “robustseries” range are also equipped with Electronic Rotation Control and the new auxiliary handle. They therefore enable professional tradespeople to work even more comfortably than with their predecessors. Moreover, they have a considerably longer runtime thanks to the 4.0 Ah batteries.

With a head length of 213 millimeters (GSR) and 228 millimeters (GSB), these cordless tools are very compact. They therefore sit especially comfortably in your hand and make it easy to work in tight spaces or overhead. At the same time, the four-pole motor enables powerful drilling and screwdriving with up to 85 newton meters in wood and metal – at a maximum speed of 1,850 revolutions per minute.

Another advantage of the tools is their robust Durashield housing, which enables them to remain fully functional even after falling from a height of two meters onto concrete. Their 13 millimeter metal chuck also offers a high level of clamping power over the entire lifetime of the tools.

The new cordless drill/drivers and cordless combis will be available at specialist retail outlets from September onwards, while the GSB 36 VE-2-LI Professional cordless combi will be available from October 2013 onwards, at the following recommended retail prices plus VAT:

Each tool comes complete with two 4.0 Ah batteries, a quick charger and an auxiliary handle. All tools are supplied in an L-Boxx which can be stacked and clicked together with other L-Boxxes: the tools with 36 volts in the L-Boxx 238, the tools with 14.4 and 18 volts in the L-Boxx 136.

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